Tuesday, October 28, 2008

21st century resumes

Roderick Sauskojus ’98 is helping job searchers everywhere post their resumes online.

Sauskojus and co-creator Micah Johnson launched GigTide, an online resume builder and hosting application last year.

“GigTide was a collaborative idea that came from my own resume-creating experience,” Sauskojus said. “Not everyone is a designer with the skills to create an engaging online resume.”

Using GigTide, individuals can create and post online resumes and cover letters using templates and resume-writing tips. Once the resumes are created, individuals also can link to online portfolios, slideshows and video.

Sauskojus said GigTide separates itself from the competition because its interface runs smoothly and looks the same on any browser and operating system.

Since the service launched, the site has received tens of thousands of visits from more than 100 countries and received positive feedback from bloggers around the world.