Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boy meets girl, makes touchdown

Alumni Eric and Amy Moe were married July 14, 2007 on the 50-yard line of UW-Stout’s football field. Their reception was held at the Memorial Student Center.(Photo courtesy of V Imagery + Design)

When the wedding guests of Eric ’03 and Amy ’98 Moe arrived to the site of the couple’s ceremony, they arrived to the 50-yard line of the Don and Nona Williams Stadium at UW-Stout.

As the couple’s names and wedding information scrolled across the scoreboard, the pastor gave a sermon that reflected ideals of teamwork, commitment and responsibility—all things that are involved with athletics—and applied it to a marriage.

Were the guests surprised? Not at all. The wedding invitations (a.k.a. football tickets) prepared the guests for the unusual wedding location and theme.

“I threw out there the idea of getting married on the football field halfheartedly just to see what she’d say. It just seemed right seeing as how much time I had spent as a football player and coach,” Eric Moe said. “She surprised me by saying, ‘Yeah, that’d be cool.’”

“I always wanted an outdoor wedding,” Amy Moe said.

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