Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bold and beautiful

You may catch her on cable television’s Home Shopping Network selling her Simply Tracey collection, or you may see her bigger, bolder work in Nordstrom and other high-end specialty stores.

Tracey Mayer ‘82, a designer of men’s and women’s jewelry, travels extensively throughout south Asia in search of inspiration. Unusual or interesting stones, coins and whatever else that may catch her creative eye become signature, conversation-starting pieces.

“My clients are impulsive and selective in what they buy, and they want jewelry to enhance not define who they are,” Mayer said.

Mayer uses high-end 950 silver, which gives her jewelry a brighter, whiter finish; and she works with a host of semi-precious stones, coins and shells. Her pieces also include white and black mother of pearl, hand-carved by artists in the remote mountains of Indonesia—with each piece taking three weeks to complete.

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