Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A pan design even Martha Stewart approves

Buy a Bundt pan from the Martha Stewart Collection, and you’re likely supporting the work of Shawn Krcma ‘03 who works for Nordic Ware in Minneapolis.

Krcma is an industrial designer who has designed a lot of cookware, including a Christmas tree pan, a sea shell candy mold, several Bundt pan variations and a Santa pan.

“It would be hard to pick one as my favorite, but the Martha Stewart Kugelhopf is one of them,” Krcma said.

This pan was featured on the Martha Stewart Show. “She sent a film crew to Nordic Ware here in Minneapolis to film several of the operations involved in producing the pan for her.”

So how did the opportunity come about? “Nordic Ware was approached by Macy’s and Martha Stewart to create an updated version of the Kugelhopf pan, which is a German style of cake pan,” said Krcma.

“I would say having my work highlighted on the Martha Stewart Show is probably the highlight (of my career) so far.”

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