Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still plays with toys

Technically, he sculpts toys, but Scott Wilkowski ’98 isn’t afraid to say he still has a child-like appreciation for them.

“Most of the work I do is realistic figures, mainly various athletes from all major sports,” Wilkowski said.

Besides sports figures, he’s sculpted musicians.

“The favorite sculptures I’ve made are busts of Henry Rollins and Chuck D of Public Enemy for a magazine cover,” Wilkowski said. “Both Rollins and Chuck D are major influences of mine.”

Right now Wilkowski and his team are working on a figure for comic artist James Kochalka, who also happens to be an instructor at the Center for Cartoon Studies co-founded by Michelle Ollie ’92 (see this issue’s cover story).

“It’s awesome because we’re big fans of his work,” Wilkowski said of Kochalka.

Wilkowski’s favorite part of the toy making process, though, is seeing the final product in stores.

“It can be a real surprise,” Wilkowski said.

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